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Acne, Scars & Pigmentation Removal

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Throughout time active acne, scars and pigmentations have physically and emotionally affected millions.

We have available a full range of treatments for active acne and acne scars, together with various treatments for all types of scaring.

Pigmentation are tan or brown spots on the skin that result from sun exposure.  Whereas a freckle will appear in the summer months with increased sun exposure and fade with decreased sun exposure, pigmentation are present year-round.

Typically, pigmentation will enlarge and darken slowly over time.  Fading creams such as Hydroquinone can lighten pigmentation but rarely do they result in a disappearance of the spots.

Fortunately, there are effective laser treatments that can clear your pigmentation.

The Q-switched Ruby Laser is used to treat brown spots.  The laser best suited to treat your brown spots will depend upon your skin colour and the size, location and distribution of your brown spots.


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